Myth #1—I need to earn $10.00 per hour so that's how much (I should be paid) I'm worth.

Myth #2—They're not paying me enough to work that hard.

Myth #3—I showed up and put in my time, I'm entitled to that wage raise (promotion).

Myth #4—If I work too hard, I could run out of work. I should slow down to make my work last longer.

Myth #5—No matter how much I produce or how fast I move, I'm going to be paid more.

Myth #6—New technology is bad because it will eliminate my job.

Myth #7—It's all right to steal from my employer because he/she/it can afford it. Besides he/she/it isn't paying me enough for what I'm doing.

Myth #8—All businessmen are thieves.

Myth #9—It's management versus labor. They have different interests.

Myth #10—Most customers don't care about the quality of our products/services, why should I care?

Myth #11—I'll make more money if I belong to a labor union.

Myth #12—Unions protect older workers from being laid-off.

Myth #13—Companies don't need to earn a profit. Why should I work so hard just to make someone else rich?

Myth #14—It's O.K. to use the company's phone, internet connection, FAX machine, vehicle and miscellaneous other supplies for my own personal projects.

Myth #15—Minimum wage legislation guarantees that everyone will earn a decent wage and that no one will be exploited.

Myth #16—Child labor laws that forbid employers from employing children under a certain age and limit the number of hours they may be employed until they reach that age prevent child exploitation.

Myth #17—Americans can't compete against cheap Chinese labor.

Myth #18—Cheap Mexican labor steals U.S. jobs. N.A.F.T.A. is bad.

Myth #19—It's bad for businesses to hire so many part-time employees instead of hiring full-time employees.

Myth #20—I pay into Social Security so I don't have to save anything for my retirement.


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