Translator's Preface

Part One
Economics and History

    I. Research in Economics
    II. The Formal Nature of Theoretical Economics
    III. The Special Nature of Theoretical Knowledge
    IV. Research in General and in Particular
    V. Exact and Realistic-Empirical Orientations
    VI. Theory and History as Inseparable Disciplines
    VII. The Dogma of Self-Interest
    VIII. The Charge of "Atomism"

Part Two
The Historical Point of View

    I. Theoretical Economics
    II. Pseudo-Historical Orientations
    III. Economic Institutions and Normative Laws
Part Three
The Organic View of Social Phenomena
    I. Social Phenomena and Natural Organisms
    II. Unintended Results of Historical Development
Part Four
The Study of History Throughout the Ages
    I. Ancient Roots of the Historical School
    II. The German Historical School Ignores the Historical School of Jurists
    III. The German Historical School of Political Economy
    I. The National Economy
    II. Theoretical Economics and Its Laws
    III. Practical Economics and Theoretical Economics
    IV. Economic Terminology and Classification
    V. Human Action and Laws of Nature
    VI. Economic Needs and Ends
    VII. Aristotle's Theory of the Origin of the State
    VIII. The "Organic" Origin of Law
    IX. The Ethical Orientation


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