I. The Social Characteristics of Capitalism and the Psychological Causes of its Vilification

    1. The Sovereign Consumer
    2. The Urge for Economic Betterment
    3. Status Society and Capitalism
    4. The Resentment of Frustrated Ambition
    5. The Resentment of the Intellectuals
    6. The Anti-capitalistic Bias of American Intellectuals
    7. The Resentment of the White-Collar Workers
    8. The Resentment of the "Cousins"
    9. The Communism of Broadway and Hollywood

II. The Ordinary Man's Social Philosophy

    1. Capitalism as it is and as it is Seen by the Common Man
    2. The Anti-capitalistic Front
III. Literature Under Capitalism
    1. The Market for Literary Products
    2. Success on the Book Market
    3. Remarks about the Detective Stories
    4. Freedom of the Press
    5. The Bigotry of the Literati
    6. The "Social" Novels and Plays
IV. The Noneconomic Ojbections to Capitalism
    1. The Argument of Happiness
    2. Materialism
    3. Injustice
    4. The "Bourgeois Prejudice" for Liberty
    5. Liberty and Western Civilation
V. "Anticommunism" versus Capitalism


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