I. The Value of Money

II. The Causes of Inflation

    The Transfer Society
    Old Myths in Keynesian Garb
    The Monetarists

III. Age of Inflation

    Inflation and Deficits
    Double-Digit Inflation
    Hyperinflation in Germany
    The Second German Inflation and Destruction of the Mark, 1933-1948

IV. The Federal Reserve System

    In Search of Current Elasticity
    In Search of Economic Boom and Full Employment
    A Ready Instrument of Tyranny

V. The American Economy Is Not Depression-Proof

    Keynesian Policies Breed and Aggravate Depressions
    Automatic Stabilizers Are Illusory
    Floating Exchange Rates Are Disruptive

VI. The Quest for Monetary Stability

    Make Peace With Gold
    A Point of Cure

VII. Inflation and Liberty

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