Introduction: Living on Borrowed Time

    A World Money Standard
    Gold and the Growth of International Debt
    Building Socialism with American Money
    The Balance-of-Trade Deficit
    Competing Currencies
I. The Causes of Economic Disintegration
    1. The Money Monopoly: The Federal Reserve System
      Federal Reserve Independence
      Instability and Unemployment
      In the Service of Government Financing
      The Central Bank of the World
      A Vanguard of Socialism
    2. Compulsory Money: Legal Tender Laws
      Government Power over Money
      Misleading Definitions
      No Inflation Without Legal Tender
      Legal Tender in the United States
II. False Solutions: Managed Money
    3. The Monetarists
      False Solutions Build on Force
      Futile Search for Absolute Stability
      Fiat Expansion Causes Economic Instability
      Making Matters Worse
    4. The Supply-Siders
      Price Rules for Gold
      Robert Mundell
      Arthur Laffer
      Jude Wanniski
      Congressman Jack Kemp
    5. Advocates of Social Credit

III. Terminating the Money Monopoly

    6. The Gold Standard
      Mutilation and Destruction
      Natural Qualities of Gold
      An International Standard
      Creation of Freedom
    7. Beyond the Gold Standard
      Proposed Legislation
    8. Free Money
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